Release the Kraken!

Kraken Wargames provides you with everything needed for your premium gaming table. Impressive playmats and highly detailed terrain pieces. All Kraken products are designed in Germany and are shipped from our local warehouse.


Getting your gaming table to the next level

Game Mats

Our playmats are made from neoprene like material of the highest available quality. We have handpicked the facilities that are able to match our very high expectations when it comes the quality of the print at 300DPI and much more. All play mats are high resolution photographs of actual gaming tables built in our secret laboratory. No computer generated graphics at Kraken Wargames and thus no crappy textures!

We are proud to rock the most exact measurements of your future play mat production allows and the thickness is the best of both worlds: Durability and weight of the product. Did we mention they are 100% liquid repellent? No nasty stains on your shiny new gaming mat be it beer or coffee.

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Scatter Terrain

All of our new scatter terrain range has been designed by gamers who know what you really need. They do not only look gorgeous on your table, but are designed to be played with and not be sprinkled with artsyfartsy stuff that hinders you in placing your minis the way you need to.

All of the parts have been handmade and sculpted and and now cast in resin – giving you a lightweight terrain solution with the highest details possible. Play with style and scatter your gaming mat with some amazing terrain!

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The long wait is over and we have our backers back! Jump in our new store, grab your goods and relax while we pack everything up for you, so you can get you rewards soon.
Thanks for releasing the Kraken – it has been one hell of a ride!

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Meet the team
Kraken Wargames Team
We are Kraken Wargames!

We bring the most realistic and sharp looking mats to your gaming tables. Originating from a collaboration between long time wargaming enthusiasts and designers who worked on many projects, we joined forces to bring you the best affordable gaming accessories ever.

We are hobbyists like you, actively partcipating in our local gaming communities to stay in touch with gamers and our partner alike. We are creative, ambitious and professional and here to shake things up and redefine your gaming experience.

Tobias CEO Kraken Wargames
CEO Kraken Wargames
Rene HDF Design
HDF Design
Peer 3D Artist
3D Artist
Phil Designteam Radfood
Designteam Radfood
Stephan Designteam Radfood
Designteam Radfood
Igor Designteam KriegKraft
Designteam KriegKraft
Aleksandar Designteam KriegKraft
Designteam KriegKraft


Upcoming Events and new Products

See what our crew is up to. Want some sneak peaks on what our tentacles are fiddling with? Hop in and gaze at whats to come!



Kraken supports local communities to stay in touch, check what’s hot and what’s not and try out new stuff. That way we can talk eye to eye with our core audience, gather ideas for new projects and experience what you guys really need to make your games work and look amazing.


Kraken Wargames Equipment is available from these trusted retail partners:
  • JAY’S HOBBY & CDDe Moines, USA
  • SPIELE-PYRAMIDEKarlsruhe, Germany
  • FÖNIXCSARNOK KFT.Székesfehérvár, Ungarn
  • WARGAME SPIRITGrenoble, France
  • 42 SOUTHSIDE FANTASYBerlin, Germany
  • ZEITGEISTKoblenz, Germany
  • PLAYMORE FANTASYKleve, Germany
  • X-COMICS GMBHSaarbrücken, Germany
  • KUTAMIHarpstedt, Germany
  • BIG PANDA SHOPHüfingen, Germany
  • DER TABLETOPPEROppurg, Germany