Our gaming mats are made from neoprene-like material of the highest available quality. We have carefully selected the facilities that can meet our high expectations when it comes to print quality at 720 DPI and more. All gaming mats are high-resolution photographs of real game tables built in our secret laboratory. There are no computer-generated graphics at Kraken, and therefore no crappy textures! We manufacture everything ourselves in our halls in Gelsenkirchen. So it's truly Made in Germany!

We are proud to provide the most accurate measurements for your future gaming mat production, and the thickness is the best of both worlds: durability and product weight. Did we mention that they are liquid-resistant? No nasty stains on your new gaming mat, whether it's beer or coffee.

Black Rack

Are you tired of constantly searching for your paints, brushes, tokens, and bits? Then our Black Rack is just right for you! This revolutionary system combines all the advantages you need for an optimally organized and stylish workspace.

The Black Rack system impresses with:

Flexibility: Thanks to the innovative plug-in system, you can easily assemble the Black Rack without glue, screws, or nails. The modular design allows you to create your workspace exactly as you want it - and it can be expanded at any time!

Stability: The cleverly designed modules of the Black Rack ensure maximum stability. This means you can be sure your materials are always well stored.

Style: The timeless and elegant design of the Black Rack is rounded off by the noble black lacquer. This makes your workspace not only functional, but also a real eye-catcher!

Experience how easy and cool it can be to have an organized workspace. Let your creativity run free and design your personal hobby area according to your wishes.

Black Rack


Aventurien Karte 6x4

Our range includes maps as mats or on fabric, as well as metal fate points that will take you, along with the god statues, into the fantastic world of Aventuria. We manufacture the products for you in Gelsenkirchen to ensure the highest quality, so that you can get the most out of your passion for this game. Whether you are a loyal fan or a new player, our range has something for everyone.

Our gaming mats and cards are also great gifts for friends and family who love the game just as much as you do.


  • JAY’S HOBBY & CDDe Moines, USA
  • SPIELE-PYRAMIDEKarlsruhe, Germany
  • FÖNIXCSARNOK KFT.Székesfehérvár, Ungarn
  • WARGAME SPIRITGrenoble, France
  • 42 SOUTHSIDE FANTASYBerlin, Germany
  • ZEITGEISTKoblenz, Germany
  • PLAYMORE FANTASYKleve, Germany
  • X-COMICS GMBHSaarbrücken, Germany
  • KUTAMIHarpstedt, Germany
  • BIG PANDA SHOPHüfingen, Germany
  • DER TABLETOPPEROppurg, Germany


We bring the most realistic and best-looking mats to your gaming tables. Born from a collaboration between long-time wargaming enthusiasts and designers who have worked on many projects, we have come together to offer you the best affordable gaming accessories of all time.

We are hobbyists like you and actively participate in our local gaming communities to stay in touch with players and our partners. We are creative, ambitious, and professional, and we are here to change things and redefine your gaming experience.


Kraken supports local communities to stay in touch, see what's hot and what's not, and to try new things. This way, we can communicate on an equal footing with our regular audience, gather ideas for new projects, and find out what you really need to make your games work and look great.

Over the years, we have implemented projects for many companies, and here you can also find logos of the companies we work with.